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The Cost-Conscious Marketer: Free Alternative Tools to Google Analytics

Affordable Insights: Google Analytics Alternatives (2024)

For marketers on a budget, 2024 brings cost-effective alternatives to Google Analytics:

Plausible: Real-time updates, essential metrics, and a user-friendly interface make Plausible a lean choice for small teams.

Matomo: A comprehensive suite with diverse features, Matomo caters to varied analytical needs for both data enthusiasts and seasoned marketers.

Fathom: Fathom illuminates user behavior through heatmaps and session recordings, offering robust SEO insights.

GoatCounter: Minimalistic and privacy-focused, GoatCounter provides basic traffic metrics without compromising user privacy.

Clicky: The real-time hero, Clicky offers features like live tracking and social media analytics, keeping marketers informed with its alerting system.

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